oh yeah


Oh yeah…we won a Titanium Lion.


blogging anxiety


Wow, I haven’t blogged in a long time. It’s been such a busy few months and I can see ups and downs in the frequency of writing.

So, yeah.

The longer it goes on, the harder it becomes to write again, because you overthink what might be interesting or worthwhile reading. I’ve seen it happen in other people’s blogs as they stall and then stutter back into life, too.

So this is me just getting that out of the way.

Hello there.

project ko-dokei


Work on the aforementioned time machines project continues apace, but it’s pretty clear that we’re working on a different timeline to the one we’d originally planned.

That’s for a few reasons. Mainly the day-job workload for me and the two other people closely involved in giving birth to the newspaper.

But I really, really believe in this project. I’ve not attempted to make anything like it yet, and I’ve been blown away by the range and quality of the contributions from the people involved.

So to preserve some of the momentum and importance I attach to it, I decided some mythic resonance would be helpful. I’ve given it a codename: Project Ko-dokei.

More soon.

achievement unlocked!


Six months ago I started a new six-month contract at AKQA, working on Nike. I’ve had an amazing time, working with incredibly passionate, talented people, on a truly great brand. I was ridiculously lucky to get this opportunity. Every day I’ve gone to work pinching myself in case it wasn’t real.

So I’m super-excited that it’s now a permanent role. Achievement unlocked! I can’t wait for what might happen next.

everything is time travel


The past and future are equally real. This isn’t completely accepted, but it should be. Intuitively we think that the “now” is real, while the past is fixed and in the books, and the future hasn’t yet occurred. But physics teaches us something remarkable: every event in the past and future is implicit in the current moment. This is hard to see in our everyday lives, since we’re nowhere close to knowing everything about the universe at any moment, nor will we ever be — but the equations don’t lie. As Einstein put it, “It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence.”

This is very good, and has become useful for reasons that will soon be clear.