catching up on projects for 2012

At the beginning of the year I promised myself that I’d complete a personal project a month. And I only managed to get four of them done before it all tailed off.

So it’s August and I’ve clearly got some catching up to do.

And I’ll make a start in the next day or so.



thoughts on a year at akqa

jimmy's bar

  1. Every day I go to work with a lot of crazysickeningly talented people. I know that sounds trite and saccharine, but it’s freakin’ true. Sometimes I feel dizzy just thinking about it. And then
  2. The last year has definitely been the most intense 12 months of my life, professionally speaking. I’ve been blessed with some great projects, got to work with great people, for a great, ambitious, demanding brand. The scale, pace and possibilities have been completely different, far above anything I’ve experienced before. And I’m loving it.
  3. I’m not fully optimised yet. It’s been a massive learning curve, and I’m still adapting to fit in some ways and waiting for the right opportunity in others. But I love how entrepreneurial it is. All you have to do is raise your hand.
  4. Hoping for more of the same in the next 12 months.

achievement unlocked!


Six months ago I started a new six-month contract at AKQA, working on Nike. I’ve had an amazing time, working with incredibly passionate, talented people, on a truly great brand. I was ridiculously lucky to get this opportunity. Every day I’ve gone to work pinching myself in case it wasn’t real.

So I’m super-excited that it’s now a permanent role. Achievement unlocked! I can’t wait for what might happen next.