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If you’re in east London and feeling thirsty, you should try to flag down the Cold Brew Coffee Cart. Delicious and subtle taste. And an experiment in informal economy from Ted.


informal economies for good

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I met Ted recently at an IAB thing where we both happened to be speaking. He's an interesting fellow. And ever since I read his post about informal economies I've been thinking about how that idea could be put into practice.

Charities have depended on informal economies forever, being as so many of them depend on volunteers to deliver different bits of their business. But I think there's a growing disconnect there. It's like the idea of the Big Society (if you buy the propaganda version of what that's about) in reverse.

So I was delighted to hear about the Good Gym. It's about giving you a proper motivation (ie, the desire to good) for getting fit. You are paired with an isolated older person, run to theirs, bring them a newspaper or buy them lunch, have a chat and do the same again later in the week. Everyone gets something out of it, with no extra energy or willpower being expended.