fourth project: short interviews with friends

So my fourth personal project for 2013 will be this: a series of short interviews with friends.

God, I know this probably sounds preachy, but…

Lots of people in the digital/advertising/communications industries live in a bubble world where ‘being creative’, ‘innovating’ or ‘disrupting’ are all terms thrown back and forth with total ease. And they are things that take place, or are thought to take place, during office hours (even if those hours do happen to be extended beyond the average working day).

Many of them happen to be amazingly talented. But their particular brand of creativity (or whatever you want to call it) ends when they happen to punch out for the day.

And there are others who, for all the hyperbole that comes with this industry, work in utterly conventional, short-termist ways, reproducing the same problems and the same solutions simply because that’s the orthodoxy laid out in front of them. They don’t think beyond the year ahead. They only think about brand problems.

But there are also people whose creative energy isn’t completely spent in a normal working day. And there are people who are thinking about what the future of business is in five years’ time, or about problems where the clients are actually just humans at large.

These are the people who are most interesting to me. And I’m lucky to count some as friends.

So I wanted to interview a select few to see what motivates them, what they think about the world they’re living in, and what lessons, however subtle those might be, might be learned from them.


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