So I managed to complete my first project of 2013, twenty thirteen-word stories before the end of January, in the nick of time. 

Literally, with about seven minutes to spare before February began.

So it’s been a busy start to 2013, with ideas needed, shoots to plan, and product development pipes being kept warm too. Rather than doing one story every day or so, I ended up doing a lot in a few days. And it really tested my ability to generate stories and take different perspectives. There were some gems, but there was some rubbish too. But that’s part of doing things and doing them fast. I’m pleased to have kept the promise to myself.

Because like Matthew says, I think side projects are the key to All Good Things. If you’re thinking outside and around your supposed focal point, if you treat your work like a gift, then you’ll have more slow-cooked, considered and connective thoughts. And you’ll have more uncontrolled, colliding serendipities too. 

So, yes, I’d like 2013 to be as much like this as possible, please.


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