I went to the Clockmakers’ Museum the other day.

mystery watch

I loved it. You’re not really supposed to take pictures, but I managed to take this one on the sly.

Having all these amazing timepieces in front of you, you can’t help but be struck by a few thoughts.

  1. Lots are fundamentally the same. On the surface, it’s the size and fashions and different utilities that differentiate them.
  2. The innovations that have driven horology on are (figuratively and physically) tiny. Most of us would miss them without some finely tuned extra insight to point them out.
  3. Despite the above, the inner workings feel like they are almost made to be exposed. See the clockwork and you appreciate the clock or watch like a toy or a model. Something that someone has lovingly crafted and considered. While the outsides are lovely, the insides are all the more beautiful for the fact they have form and function.
  4. Once you understand the conventions of the timepiece, you start to appreciate the horological in-jokes and experiments like the mystery watch in the picture.

We should expose the inner workings more often in more things, I think. Understanding how is something you’re never finished doing. Sort of like how Leila talks about the correlation of possibility and interestingness.


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