disrupting for good

The other week I was delighted to hear that Good For Nothing was awarded a grant from Nesta’s Innovation In Giving Fund.

To use their own words, if you don’t who/what Good For Nothing is, it’s “a think/hack/do/creative collaboration challenge” for social enterprise. I try to go to as many of their hack weekends and socials as I can, because they are hugely fun, fulfilling and addictive. Amazing talent, a real deadline, cool “clients”, and a huge desire to do good. It still feels something like the future to me.

Now with the investment boost from Nesta, Good For Nothing are planning to spread their good work with the use of digital tools and new crews in more cities.

In a way, the Toms, Dan and Anouk and their network remind me of what’s going on at the Government Digital Service – a huge wealth of talent that you’d traditionally find in service of global businesses, going after what are genuinely big, important (and maybe most of all) interesting problems.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where Good For Nothing goes next. And I hope there’ll be lots more disruption, innovation and migration of talent towards big, proper problem-solving.


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