At the start of this week, I helped kick off some workshops with the nice folk at D&AD and the Outreach team at Royal Holloway University, one of the official Olympic villages.

It’s about helping young people, particularly in East London, to find and express their voice about London 2012. Because with all the news headlines and brand noise around the Olympics, you can see how it might start to feel disconnected from ordinary, real people.

I was a bit nervous about leading the workshop, but I ended up having a great time! There were beverages.


And the students worked extremely hard for a long time.

exercise in progress

And they had some really clever, super-relevant and super-irreverent takes on copywriting, visual communication, brands and the whole issue of London 2012.

some poster exercises

What’s not to love?

Lots more stuff will be going on over the next couple of weeks, but hopefully I’ll be blogging one or two more times about how the whole thing goes. And in the meantime, big thanks to D&AD and Royal Holloway University.


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