extra day

I started Leap Day with lots of undirected ambition about taking advantage of the extra 24 hours. Maybe I would get out for a run. Or I had vague ideas about going shopping at lunchtime, getting some writing done, edging closer to completing a personal project or two.

None of that happened. By the end of the day, I was feeling pretty despondent.

So I had about four hours to turn it around by the time I got home.

It started with a Leap Day beer. This one:

leap day beer

Then I started writing again for a comic project I started but didn’t finish last year. And it reminded me how excited I had been about it. I find myself somewhere between Leila’s make things fast and Russell’s slow projects ideologies, the effect being that they sometimes cancel each other out. Maybe I need to let the pendulum swing more one way than the other, from project to project.

leap day writing

Then I did some work on a piece from the time machines project.

And now I’ve blogged too.

Ah, well. Small things.


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