the only response possible

I wrote this thing for the D&AD recently. It's possible, indeed highly probable, that you've never heard of me and are coming from over there to see who on earth I am.


In my piece I make the point that some briefs — possibly events, possibly situations — call for a completely different response. Some rule-breaking or reinvention. 

50/50: Make or Break from 5050good on Vimeo.

Hopefully I don't need to convince you of that point. Because there's one such brief currently live. Right now in parts of East Africa, a child is dying every six minutes as a result of famine. It's not right. There's something you and I can do about this. 

If you're a creative and you want to use your talents to make a difference, please visit 50/50 and do something. Spread the word. Back a project. Make a donation. Just something.

Thank you.


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