human beings in time and space

Two things I like very much, back on the theme of human beings, time and space, for reasons that hopefully will become clear very soon.

First, this Nike+ visualisation of runners moving around London, New York and Tokyo. Heatlines, habits, patterns. People in orbit. Looks great. Via Carolina.

Nike+ City Runs from yesyesno on Vimeo.

…and this, Rorschmap from James Bridle

As he says, "We’re so busy looking for ways to make digital books and maps usable in ways that we understand that we fail to do things with them that we don’t understand, or that are beyond our understanding…Rorschmap is cartographic navel-gazing, a reframing of the map. It will not help you find anything. We are bored with your squares and your margins. We want new shapes and new dimensions, the unicode snowmen of visual representation. †‡†, as the man said."

Don't need to say more than that. Other than this is my hood, folding in on itself:
View Larger Map


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