I know Timmy is not new. He's been decommissioned, in fact.

But I just really love this kind of hack. Yes, there are more polished things, interestingly often for charities, like Macmillan's Infi-knit and V's Voicebot which are both great. Yet there's something just so charming about Timmy, stitched and cobbled together, just about holding up under the weight of people's interested texts. You can read about him on the Go Freerange blog here.

I like that it's up, in public, with its flaws baked in. It's all the more interesting for the cheap, disposable, receipt-like media they are using. For all that ricketiness and improvisation, it's just as participatory and involving, just as immediate and magic (if not more so) as the examples above. Or other things like Nike Grid. More prototypes and imperfect toys should be released into the world.

I like.

So, yeah. 


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