park benches, food, milo, signage, other things


I love using tools that help me see things I've done in a different light. It's why I love Photojojo, and it's where Remindr thought came from.

So I don't know why I haven't used Pummelvision before. This is the video I made from my Flickr. Some thoughts, which probably go nowhere:

  • Seeing my pictures like this is a good way to remind myself of things I'm interested in. I love the plaques on park benches (coincidentally Ben recently has posted over here about the same thing).
  • I'm not very organised about my Flickr. But then again, I'm not sure I need to be. Projects and bits of work I've done melt into family life, and into stuff I just find interesting to look at. There's no curation to it. But then that's not how I use Flickr, really. Should it be? 
  • There's something affirmative about a thing which has been photographed. Even on my Flickr, which is mostly made up of crappy iPhone pics. And, put into a slideshow like this, you can't help thinking I think everything in here is good or interesting…when sometimes I'm capturing it because I want to make the point (to others, or just myself) about how much better it could be.

So, yeah.


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