think about the future!

Without really realising it, I've recently found myself increasingly drawn to a whole lot of speculative fiction as a way of thinking about people, experiences and stories in general. 

I've never been the kind of comics fan who tires of superheroes. Something about the near futureness has always made them really compelling to me. As a metaphor I don't think they are so far away from the anthropomorphised robots you find all over the internet. They are an expression of the same kind of futile but addictive wish. 

Something about the idea of what could be, seems much more true than the idea of what really is. I'm finding lots about Technology Will Save Us that makes me excited and hopeful (pic courtesy of them).

Picture 16
Having the opportunity to rethink my relationship to the toys I surround myself with, and perhaps to retrace a few lines of their invention, feels like an invitation to extrapolate some kind of futureness of my own. I can't wait to go to a class. 

This talk from Matthew Sheret is another good example. The space between personal and mass data, micro and macro-level stories, the ability to travel between both, back and forward in time and everywhere in between, finding a thread through the vapour to make something exciting. It feels like it's something that every storyteller should be preoccupied with, in some way or other.



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