some things come from nothing

I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks because too many things are happening at once. I thought I might tell/bore you about a few.

chapter 6 calvino

I'm working on a couple of film projects at the moment. One is very small and very interesting. Very challenging to get right. A nice challenge.

But this isn't Weeknotes. Even if I'm talking that way, a bit. (After this, I quite like Roo's idea of fortnotes. That's the sort of frequency I can more likely keep up with.)

Thanks to Ash and Leticia, not yet emoticons is starting to take shape. More on that next week, hopefully. And there's definite interest out there, which is nice (and a relief). Remember, if you'd like to join in just send me an email.

There's also been something which I can't talk about yet. I'll call it Project Squee, in case it doesn't come off. That should convey just how excited I am about it :) 

Now Thursday there's this with some other 26ers at Skype. Really looking forward to it. Incidentally I bet if Peter Firmin made web comics he'd make stuff like this. (Via Russell Davies, that last one.)

They are some of the most interesting bits. And all the way through I've been reading If On A Winter's Night by Italo Calvino.

if on a winter's night a traveller

Have you read it? It's bonkers. There are about eight (so far) nested stories in it, all collapsing into one another. A bit detective investigation, a bit spy thriller, a bit love story.

push forward without stopping

Feels like some kind of metaphor for where my head's at. Lots of different versions of the same story playing out on parallel tracks, only with names and a few other details changed.

So, yeah. Is that a good thing?


2 thoughts on “some things come from nothing

  1. I read If On A Winter’s Night for the first time last year, and was reminded why books and stories are so important. Every time Calvino got to another nested story my head got more and more lost until there was no choice just to go with it. Nice blog

  2. thanks nick. yes, that’s exactly how i’ve found it too! it’s my first calvino, and i’ll certainly be checking out some of his other work.

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