postcards from the internet

Tableau: physical email from John Kestner on Vimeo.


I've been itching to play with my Touchatags again, but I need a good idea to aim for. (If you have one, let me know.)

The last thing I tried to make was an RFID-enabled magic eightball that played clips of Quincy. That was semi-successful. The only thing I've done apart from that is dead simple; putting my notebook down on the desk next to my laptop will fire up my blog.

What I want to try is an idea that has randomness and/or a bit of human interaction to create different outcomes. And while I'm trying to think of something that's either interesting and/or achievable, I keep seeing all these nice ideas.

Like the Infi-Knit scarfbot for Macmillan.

Or the Tableau above. I love looking at old postcards with other people's stories and relationships inscribed into them. This is a bit like that. There's an act of discovery and serendipity there, picking up on objects without the context of the maker's intention. Perhaps forming a connection, perhaps not. Perhaps missing it altogether.

Which (though I'm no expert) is something that seems missing from the internet of things-type explorations that I get to see. We're in a place which is still more about designing the system, seeing if it's possible. There's a bit of human behavioural craziness which isn't there yet.

Like, I wonder what the equivalent of Wikipedia Racing will be for the world of near field communication?


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