good for nothing

Great Football Giveaway team in deep focus

I went to a sort of rapid comms/hack day last weekend, organised by the very nice people at Pipeline Ideas. And it felt a little bit like the future.

The idea behind Good For Nothing was simple. As many interesting, interdisciplinary people as you can get in a nice space in EC1. Three briefs for three great causes. No money, no complicated sign-off procedure and no egos. An open invitation to make stuff, from strategy to films, stunts to apps, with one rule: put as much of it live as you can in one day.

It was great. An opportunity to work with great people for one thing, and a chance to test yourself against the clock. It was self-organising and rapid and agile and iterative and it didn't really feel like work. Although lots of it did look like this.

goodgym on it

But maybe one of the greatest things about it were the three charities themselves, because their models made it easy for all the Good For Nothingers to make good stuff.

scribe vibes

Great clients in every sense. In a nutshell:

  • Global Generation – the existing categories don't work (it's not just youth work, it's social cohesion, urban regeneration, environmental and lots of other things too)
  • Great Football Giveaway – delivering scale without infrastructure
  • The Good Gym – couple your existing motivations to a cause.

I worked on the Great Football Giveaway and learned a lot. I'm pretty impressed with all our outputs, but I think next time (there can't not be a next time, even if GFN is probably something more than a series of events) I'll definitely be applying more of a divide and conquer rule to speed up my own decision making and add value on more stuff. It's good to learn these things.

And there's no other way that so many things could have been created in such a short space of time, at no charge to three organisations who deserve incredible stuff.

So Good For Nothing. Great people. Great causes. Great work. More should be done this way. Oh, and there were a few drinks too.

several beverages


5 thoughts on “good for nothing

  1. Was a pleasure working with you James. You should post up some pictures of your book output.
    And be weary of presenting with a book, beer and marker pen all in one hand again. Kat might not always be there to confiscated the pens and beer in future.

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