packaging storytelling

To state the obvious, after the success of Innocent a lot of brands re-looked at their packaging. The unfortunate effect was lots of people aping the Innocent tone of voice and not thinking about properly about all the different ways packaging can express brand values.

I love Peppersmith gum. It's like a DM creative team set out to make some confectionery thing in an Apple style on a fraction of their budget…it's full of neat little reveals.

I do like what they did with the mint leaves logo, but that's not what this is about.

First, it's in a box that makes a nice sound as you're walking along. It has none of the shiny, shrink-wrapped, X-Factor-y ness of other chewing gums. It doesn't feel like it's entirely about shifting product (although I'm sure it is).

peppersmith packaging


And then it's useful. They have these little papers for you to dispose your used gum in. So they solve the problem created by selling you their product in the first place. Nice.

peppersmith papers


Then they have this little storytelling thing inside. It's about moustache heroes. Mine was number 34 (how many other moustache heroes are there?!?). Zorro.

peppersmith moustache heroes

peppersmith no. 34: zorro

I'm imagining that Magnum PI is in there too somewhere. And him from the Princess Bride. But I'll just have to buy another box to find out.

I'd like more FMCG products to be like this.


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