At the beginning of last summer I didn't know much about Tim Wright. But then somehow I found out about his amazing Kidmapper project, which just seemed to speak to me of almost everything I was and still am interested in. Communication, the interwebs, books, making stories, doing things for which old labels don't quite apply.

So I started to follow Tim on Twitter. I kept up with his Swywth and Such Tweet Sorrow projects. I've wanted to meet him for ages, because he does so much interesting stuff. And to ask him for some pointers about one of my own writing projects.

So I was excited to see this update a few weeks ago.

Picture 57 Never one to miss out on a ligging opportunity, I quickly replied. And, impressively, Tim kept track of my order amongst the multitudes of other compote requests that came his way. There was a bit of back and forth.

Picture 56
Until eventually, Tim dropped by to deliver some of his homemade damson compote.

This is Tim and I having a cup of tea to mark the exchange. As you can see, the compote looks a bit like a bag of blood from a distance.

 fruit based networking

I had a lot of fun afterwards on my way home, pretending I was rushing
to bring plasma to some medical event. My fellow commuters were
terrified. I got a seat on the train, no problem.

Best of all, I made a fool with it that very same evening. It was great; deliciously damson-y. I had some on toast this weekend. This week I might do really something ambitious, like a sorbet even. It's the networking tool that really does keep on giving.

Aces! Thanks Tim. 


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