three things i have recently learned

no bills or henrys

I love the idea of Weeknotes. The discipline of committing regular musings and philosophy on the creative processes of work really appeals to me. Thing is, I know it appeals because I'd never be able to keep it up.

But still, what I think I like about it is the way it brings comms, design and webby people closer to the kinds of blogging you get for other interests. Like mummy bloggers, food bloggers and stuff. Given the whole blogging like it's 2004 thing and the five things meme, that seems important somehow.

Maybe marketing and design bloggers are getting more like proper bloggers? Just a thought. Anyway, for no good reason other than the above, here are three disconnected things I've learned recently.

it doesn't take much to make me cry

I'm really busy with another video project at the moment. Today someone I barely know but who has played a huge part in the same project wrote me an email to say very nice things about my work. And for reasons I can't really say here, it stopped me in my tracks.

Mind you, I also wiped a manly tear from my eye tonight when Milo said "Night night, Daddy," for the very first time. So I may just a huge softy.

it's a weird feeling when another child makes a pretend gun with his hand, points it at your son and fires

We were in hospital with Milo's breathing again recently at the weekend. On the children's ward there was a really sweet little boy a couple of years older than him. They made friends and shared a love of toy cars.

But there was this one moment where the older boy pointed a pretend gun and mock-fired at him. That was really strange. I don't know why.

i'm going to have to be a lot speedier if i want to get to the story 2011

I was recently musing about the number of great conferences I don't yet go to. The Story was one of my highlights from last year, so to not get there in 2011 would be a big step backwards. But all the early bird tickets went in nanoseconds today.

You should go to. Race you.

I don't suppose you've learned three things recently, have you?


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