tipping points

Picture 51

This popped up when I logged into my Flickr
last night. It told me a couple of things. Firstly, I take lots of
photos but don't put as many as I thought on Flickr. Don't know why that
is, because I find it a ridiculously useful service.

Second, I don't consider myself a pro. Certainly not in photography terms. I do take a lot of them (as confessed above), but always on my iPhone. For anything other than a blog post or a Flickr set, they don't really do it. So I'm more of a keen amateur noticer than a pro picture maker.

And it made me think about the tipping points for freemium
businesses. I wonder if that disconnect is there for anyone else. I wonder if you need the language of "pro" to prove that you take something seriously. I've been wondering for a while what that tipping point might be for other things, since I'm almost at 50 submissions for the middle names project. It's definitely A Thing for me now, I'm just wondering what direction it takes me in.

But I wonder a bit more about behaviour. Freemium makes total sense for how you want and expect to consume the interwebs. And I'll be upgrading to Pro, sure enough. But I wonder how many people just use space up to their free limit and just stop, or just slow right down and upgrade some time down the line.

That's all.


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