Photojojo is great. Twice a month it emails me my most interesting Flickr pictures from six months ago. Here's a couple it sent me two weeks ago.

tate modern breakfast

view from the bedroom window

That's great. You get lots of nice memories flooding back. And then the flipside of nostalgia where it's familiar enough to be remembered, but distant enough to feel completely disconnected from where you are now. The idea of snow just feels weird to me in July. It tells a little story about how things have changed.

It made me think why there aren't similar tools for blog posts, or status updates. How has my head or my life moved on in the last six months?

Six months ago I was working out how I felt about the year that had just gone by. And I was playing with the Marvel superhero toy.

On Twitter I was thinking about this stuff:

Picture 47

Picture 46
Going six months back, I realised that the start of the year was when I slowly begain to use Facebook again after five months. (I have this weird love/hate thing with it.) And then there's all those things that go with it, like getting in touch again with friends who now live overseas.

So, there's nothing earth-shattering there, just a series of shifts and glimpses of memory and a smattering of content that feel personally relevant. In the same kind of way as Photojojo. So it feels like I should do a bit of status-mining on a semi-regular basis. You know, just to see.

More than that, someone should definitely invent an active remembering tool for that purpose. Or have they already done that?


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