middle names project

coming soon

So after a long period of procrastination and a bit of self-interrogation, I've put the middle names project live. Hope you can find time to stop by and have a read, and maybe share a middle name story of your own.

The seed for it came about when Milo was born. We didn't know what his first name would be, but we always knew that his middle name would be Walter, after Tash's granddad.

And that's when a couple of ideas collided in my head. On the one
hand, you don't always know someone else's middle name. Even if they
are a close friend or relative. But on the other, a middle name is just
as likely as the first to have some kind of meaning to the people who
give it to you. So what kinds of stories fall down these gaps? What kind
of associations and coincidences?

So I'll be publishing some middle names stories over here from now on. I'm almost done making a Tumblr so you can submit something easily if you want to tell the world about a middle name. But in the meantime, if you have a middle name story you'd like to share, let me know in the comments below, or on this post from the project.


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