the idea of travel


I've been off all last week, so not blogged very much (OK, at all). We didn't do much because the weather was rubbish, and Milo needed to have some tests at the hospital. But one thing we did do was go to the London Transport Museum. I've not been before, and it was awesome.

It's easy to forget when you commute every day just how packed with stories the transport system is. I loved seeing the evolution of trains and buses over a couple of centuries, and how the problems of today (space, time, stress) have pretty much remained a constant in some form or other. There's something in that, I think.


But I also loved how packed with ideas transport is – from the engineering of the vehicles and the routes themselves, to the design of the wayfinding systems and the textiles used from one decade to the next.

seat fabric

Weirdly, I also enjoyed how openly, purely and rabidly commercial it has always been. Whether it's Punch or VSO, there's something great about a well-executed carriage ad.


There's something always been something charming about the way they promote the transport system too. A lot has changed. But also, not a lot has changed.

travel underground


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