Picture 23

I'm never quite sure why someone designs a modern piece of technology to look like something from the past. Like this LG TV. New functionality inside someone else's vision of the future. It's actually designed to say goodbye to the analogue era by…looking like something from the analogue era. Reading the LG blog, describing how tough it was to fit new parts into old packaging, makes for fascinating reading.

I know that's just a postmodern thing, fetishising and mixing up the references. But there's definitely a bit in technology, or rather those that buy it, who are, if not exactly afraid of the future, not particularly keen to embrace it. But it's not the equivalent of buying vintage furniture either, because they buy the slicker, repackaged thing instead. It's like the opposite of hacking, and the opposite of collecting.

I have no idea what it means. But I do find it quite interesting. So, yeah.

(Via Mashable.)


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