hello there


Hello there.

So here I am at my new home on Typepad. If you're a regular reader, you'll notice I still have lots of stuff to do. At time of writing I've got a lot of formatting to do, and some bits and bobs to carry over from my old home. Plus I seem to have only managed to import 47 posts here. No idea how that happened. I'll sort it out as soon as I can.

So why the switch to Typepad? Well, I've used it for other things and found it a better publishing tool. It's flexible and a bit more sophisticated than Tumblr and that kind of freeware. But really I've come over to integrate a few other things, including some projects I'll surface here soon.

Oh, and if you're new to this blog, I'm interested in brands,
communications and creativity, as well as media, books, technology,
life and that sort of thing. So it stumbles
through these and other subjects that grab me.


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